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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions;

1. How do i book with Sugar Sugar Girls Escort Agency?
We require 1-2 hours notice for any bookings at Sugar Sugar Girls escort agency (often less for incalls) however, if you know in advance which girl you would like to see, when and where then please book in advance as we sometimes can be quite busy. You can do this by either phone or email. If you should reach our voicemail, please leave us a message with the booking details, stating when it will be convenient for us to call you back to make the booking.
Please also remember when booking any of our elite escorts that any dress requests must be requested at the time of booking. Please do not leave requests til the day of your booking and then be disappointed. The girls may need 24 hours notice for specific requests. However if you do make a same day booking then you will not be disappointed as all our escorts are impeccably dressed.
It is also crucial that all bookings are confirmed either the day before on or on the day at an agreed time convenient for yourself. If we do not receive confirmation, we will assume the booking has been cancelled.

2. What information do you need from me?
For hotel visits, we require the address of the hotel plus your telephone number. We will then need your room number once you have checked in.
For home visits, we require your address with postcode along with your landline number.(all numbers are kept strictly confidential)

3. What if I need to cancel my booking?
We understand if you change your mind or if something crops up. However, if you do need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible so we can let your escort know.

4. What if my escort cancels the booking?
In the unlikely event of one of our escorts cancelling their booking we will do our best to provide you with an alternative escort unless you decide to rebook your original escort at a later date. Our ladies are professional escorts but like everyone else they may fall ill or have a family emergency they may have to deal with.

5. How do i pay for my escort booking?
Sugar Sugar Girls Escort Agency operate a cash only payment method, so please allow yourself plenty of time to visit the bank or cash-point BEFORE your appointment. The fee should be paid directly to your escort at the start of the booking - please do not be offended if your escort counts the fee - this is standard procedure.
Also please do not offend your escort by trying to negotiate the fee. The fees are clearly stated on our website and are non-negotiable.

6. How can I make the most of my booking?
Please be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for your date. Sugar Sugar Girls Escort Agency want you to completely enjoy your time with your chosen escort, we are sure you will agree that it is unreasonable to pay for 1 hr and expect to receive 1 hrs. If you know or think you may need longer, please book a longer appointment so that you are not rushing or clock watching. Most regular clients tend to book 2hrs so they can completely relax and not worry about the time.

7. What about personal hygiene?
No doubt you will expect the highest standard of personal hygiene, so please bear in mind that our escorts also expect the same from our clients. If you are visiting one of our escorts after a hard days work simply ask her if she could run you a bath or get the shower ready for you - she may even join you!!!

8. Will the escort's driver wait outside my house for the whole appointment?
Our drivers will not wait outside your home or hotel as this would break our discretion policy and guarantee. Once the driver has ensured your escort is safely with you, he will then leave without returning until the end of your booking.

9. I really like the look of one of the escorts but cant quite afford it, Will she still see me?
Sorry no. All escorts fee's are non negotiable. Please do not insult your escort by trying to negotiate with her once she arrives, the fee's are clearly stated on her profile page.

10. Do you cater for clients with disabilities?
Yes absolutely.

11. I'd like to meet my escort in a bar or restaurant, is this OK?
Unfortunately not. Firstly we must safeguard our escorts security and secondly the fees are paid at the beginning of your booking which can be a little awkward if meeting in a public place. You must meet your escort at your home or in your hotel room. Once you have paid your fee, your escort will happily join you for dinner or drinks.

12. What is Sugar Sugar Girls Escort Agency Privacy Policy?
Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us. 100% discretion is assured at all times. Any details you give us ie telephone numbers, address's, names are used only to ensure the safety of our escorts. We will never disclose any of your details to a third party.

13. I'd like to book a hotel or a restaurant, but I don't know the area - can you help?
No problem! If there is anything we can help you with to make your date extra special, or if you just need to know which local hotels to stay in, give us a call - we will be glad to help!

14. Is it legal?
Yes, Sugar Sugar Girls Escort Agency only provide an introduction & companionship service, we are purely an introduction agency providing work for both freelance and independent individuals. Anything that happens between yourself and any of our escorts is solely between two consenting adults. All of our Sugar Sugar agency escorts are over 18 years old and choose this line of work of their own free will. We value our reputation and of course the safety & discretion of both our clients and our escorts.

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